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Another parody of our 9 ladies’ top hit “Gee” has just surfaced in the media….(warning: not for the faint-hearted ;))

SMAPxSMAP, a very popular Japanese weekly variety show currently airing on Kansai TV and Fuji TV, recently telecast a parody of the SNSD song “Gee” by 9 male performers.

The attention to detail vis-a-vis the original “Gee” music video is highly commendable, to say the least :D. The performers are actually dressed in colourful T-shirts and skinny jeans (ala the Girls), and the extremely colourful music video set is even faithfully replicated for the parody.

In fact, if you recall, at one stage of the song, the Girls actually dance against a white background, whilst wearing white shirts and dark blue jeans. Well, guess what, our intrepid 9 male performers actually added in that detail to their performance too ;). Kudos for accuracy !

Well, guys/gals of SK, prepare yourself for this rather well-performed (but slightly disconcerting) version of “Gee”. Enjoy ?!!

(OK, now, in order to sooth your (and my) frazzled nerves, here are the proper “Gee” MVs – both the Korean and Japanese versions) Enjoy !!!

Korean “Gee”

Japanese “Gee”

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: smapfun@YouTube.com, michaelroni@soshified.com, chaos364@youtube.com, blahness001@youtube.com