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Do idols have idols themselves ? Well, I don’t know about other idol groups, but our 9 ladies certainly do !

Specifically speaking, our dear maknae, Seohyun certainly does ;).

On August the 12th 2011, the Korean National Red Cross and Korean Committee for UNICEF held an inauguration ceremony for the “Help Children in Africa” project at the Seoul Plaza Hotel.

Gracing the  event  was none other than the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon, who also happened to be Seohyun’s inspirational life idol. To that end, she actually came prepared with a gift for the great man.

What was the item in question ? Well, it was none other than a book written by Secretary General Ban himself, entitled “Study Like a Fool and Dream Like a Genius”. This epic tome highlighted the journey that Mr. Ban took to reach his current high position in the UN General Assembly.

Like all self-respecting idol-worshippers, dear Seohyun sought to seek an autograph from the great man himself. When she finally got it, her facial expression showed how grateful she was to have been given the opportunity to meet the man in person.

In fact, I personally think the feelings were mutual, for, aside from his signature on the book, Secretary General Ban also penned this cute message: “Peace to the world with songs of love!”

With this campaign, Secretary General Ban hopes to drum up world-wide aid support for Africa. With their slogan “Together for Africa”, the aim is to raise donations for the children in poor countries in East Africa for at least three months.

In addition to the 9 ladies of Girls’ Generation, other K-Pop stars involved in the project include Shin Hyunjoon, Kim Yoonjin, SHINee, f(x), and vocalist Jo Sumi.

Do check out the joyful look on Maknae’s face after she got her idol’s signature (I imagine it’ll be the same as mine if I, myself, had the opportunity to get any of the Girls’ signatures too – especially Tiffany’s 😀 !).

To Seo Joohyun
Peace to the world with songs of love!

Video of Seohyun’s meeting with Ban Ki Moon! (Steve)

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: Sports Chosun, taengbear@soshified.com, spiceshoe@soshified.com