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On the day of their Anniversary, Girls’ Generation topped the worldwide trends list on social networking service twitter!

Proving once again, that SNSD truly is a global phenomenon, #snsd4thanni along with #Girls’ Generation had already began to trend across numerous countries prior to midnight last night, before topping the lists earlier today, thanks to SONEs from around the globe. 

A well know friend of the girls’, and SM labelmate/radio DJ, Isak, also shared her own snsd4thanni tweet:

Speaking of Isak’s close relationship with the girls’, she recently tweeted a selca of herself and Tiffany, who came to see her perform in the musical, Spring Awakening:

오늘 공연 보러온 예쁜 티파니 고마워~재밌게 봤다니 다행이다~Thanx again hun for coming to see the show~!^^ glad u liked it~^^

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Credit: realISAK@twitter, fanwonder.com, JeremyJay22@soshified