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Well, as I had commented in an earlier post reply, the Singapore press were specially invited to witness the girls’ recent concert at Seoul Olympic Stadium over the recent weekend.

Under the auspices of Running Into The Sun (RITS) and the Korean Tour Organisation (KTO) Singapore, xinmsn, the Singapore based entertainment web portal got to witness firsthand the phenomenon that is SNSD.

Boy, were they impressed 😉 ! From the pre-concert press conference to the actual concert performance itself, our angelic 9 really impressed with their professionalism and charm.

To top it off, 84 Singaporean fans, under the Soshified umbrella, got a chance to do a shout-out for our little island nation, eliciting a sweet response (in English, no less) from our dear Tiffany (read about it in the news report below).

But, you know what was the icing on this Soshi-news cake ? It is the fact that official confirmation has been given that the 9 ladies will be visiting our fair Singaporean shores with a full Soshi concert (SNSD 2nd Asian Tour) 😀 !

That’s right, Running Into The Sun (RITS), the Singapore entertainment company that brought in Super Junior and SHINee earlier this year (and their full concert programme) have officially confirmed that they will be getting the 9 ladies to our humble to do what they do best: give us SONEs a full-SNSD concert experience.

So, my fellow Singaporean and South-East Asian SONEs, look forward to experiencing a real SNSD concert on Singapore soil very soon in the near future. Start saving up now !

Right, enough spazzing on my part :). Please read on for the verbatim report of the xinmsn reporter’s experience of our 9 ladies’ concert in Seoul….

Cheeky winks here, pouty grins there and big hearts everywhere — these were the ‘gifts’ from the girls of Girls’ Generation, or better known as So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD), to the 8,000-strong crowd at the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium in Seoul, Korea.

At the invitation of Running Into The Sun (RITS) and the Korean Tour Organisation (KTO) Singapore, xinmsn was in Seoul to attend the 2011 Girls’ Generation Tour over the weekend.

The press conference before the concert on Jul 24 started punctually, with the girls answering to every question posed to them.

Eighty-four Singaporean fans — with the oldest fan being 77 years old — travelled to Korea on a special tour package from KTO Singapore. When Girls’ Generation was told about that, Tiffany – who was fluent in English — spoke for the nine-member group.

“Thank you for flying all the way here for our concert. We’d love to see our Singapore fans if we have the chance to,” she said.

The concert began at about 4pm KST, and what better way to start the show than to ask the fans what their wish was?

Girls' Generation

Decked in similar white, crocheted corset tops, tantalising shorts and knee-length boots, Girls’ Generation kicked off the concert with ‘Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)’. The group also performed Korean versions of their new Japanese singles ‘Mr. Taxi’ and ‘Let It Rain’ for the first time.

The nine girls delivered top-notched performances as a group; but it was during each of their solo performances that their individuality truly shone through.

First to conquer the stage alone was Hyoyeon, who appeared on stage dressed in a sexy white leotard. Arguably the best dancer in the group, the petite girl danced to Rihanna’s ‘Don’t Stop the Music’.

Dressed in a rhinestone-studded tube dress with a long, feathered train, Jessica — also known to fans as the ‘Ice Princess’ — chose to show a more mellow side, as she played the piano and sang ‘Almost’, a ballad from Canadian R&B singer Tamia.

The usually adorable Sunny explored her sexy and edgy side when she appeared on stage in a black leotard and stockings, coupled with a pink cropped jacket, singing and dancing to Britney Spears’ ‘Three’.

Taeyeon and Tiffany later turned the concert hall into a cabaret, performing to ‘Lady Marmalade’ from the 2001 movie, Moulin Rouge. Naming Janet Jackson as her idol, Yuri performed the singer’s chart-topping single ‘If’, exhibiting a tougher image.

Sooyoung surprised the crowd by doing the cha cha to the Pussycat Dolls’ ‘Sway’.

Girls' Generation

Maknae (youngest of the group) Seohyun brought the audience back to the ’60s, as she sang Betty Hutton’s ‘Stuff Like That There’ and tap-danced in a little black dress with an up-do reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn’s in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Last but definitely not least, Yoona — decked in a white shirt and bell-bottomed velvet pants — shed her innocent image during her solo performance. The 21-year-old danced tantalisingly to Madonna’s ‘4 Minutes’, where she stripped to a pair of white shorts in the last bit of her dance.

The three-hour concert ended with Girls’ Generation performing their past hits such as ‘Gee’, ‘Oh!’ as well as their debut track ‘Into The New World’.

If you local SONES (fans of Girls’ Generation) thought you’re missing out, fret not. Running Into The Sun (RITS) will be bringing the girls and their much-awaited concert tour to Singapore, with the dates to be announced at a later time.

(Hmmm….it looks like my dream to do a shout-out for the SNSDKorean blogsite may come true after all 😀 !)

Xinmsn Images of the Seoul Concert

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by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: SM Entertainment, JoelleChong@xinmsn.com (report and concert photos)