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As SNSD’s popularity continues to grow in Japan, fans have been figuring out unique ways to distinguish the 9 members apart.

According to MNet’s Boom The KPop which is a show that explores the explosion of KPOP across the globe, Japanese fans divided the girls into three groups based off of certain characteristics.

The first group, consists of Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona and Taeyeon.  These members have been given the name “Four Devas“.  Devas is a Buddhist reference, which has been adopted in Japan thanks to the Shinto belief of Kami.  They share similarities in that they both refer to non-human entities that display special and powerful characteristics. These girls have all been identified as having special gifts that impress the Japanese fans.

Sooyoung, who debuted in Japan earlier in the pop group Route 0, earned a spot in the “Devas” for her amazing Japanese fluency. Yuri, our Black Pearl, was placed into this group thanks to her overflowing charisma and her gorgeous tanned skin.  Yoona’s famous beauty and cute looks also gave her a spot on the four devas, as clearly fans have been swooning over the deer.  Finally Taeyeon earned her place among the four, thanks to her stand out vocal performances which have distinguished her from the rest.

The next group, known as the “Distinctive Personalities Group” contains Sunny, Hyoyeon, and Seohyun.  Sunny is famous for her extremely cute and bubbly personality.  Hyoyeon has earned her place here because of her amazing dance skills which surprised and captivated the Japanese fans.  Finally Seohyun spearheads the group with her “health-obsessed” personality.  How often have we seen Seohyun in Japanese interviews talk about her love of health foods.

Finally the Japanese fans put Jessica and Tiffany (JeTi) together as “The Americans“.  These two lovely California girls are famous in Japan for their fluent English, and are said to add a unique and special vibe and presence to the popular group.

It’s pretty interesting how Japanese fans are reacting to the girls now that they’ve been promoting for a while.  It always astonishes me just how popular they’re getting.  I hate to admit it but I also had some difficulties identifying some of the girls initially.  Great to hear that the fans are already noticing the characteristics of all the girls!

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