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Our dear maknae’s ongoing Parisian ruminations are now out in print…..

Well, it seems that Seohyun’s diary recollections on her experiences whilst in Paris for the SM Town Paris 2011 concert has garnered alot of positive support on-line from netizens and fans of the Girls.

Issue Daily, the newspaper that is currently publishing Seohyun’s diary records for all to enjoy has clearly stated that all they have done so far is some minor grammatical and spelling corrections to the submitted articles, the gist of the diary entries still being from the original manuscript from Seohyun of SM Entertainment’s SNSD.

So far, only positive comments have been expressed intentionally by both SONE’s and casual fans alike towards the articles.

Here, then, is part 4 of the Seohyun Diaries (Enjoy !!!):

Korean wave in Paris, spreads to the entire Europe

How did the Paris people see us? I was really curious. Perhaps it was all due to the power of culture and special Korean fever that made us receive so much support from the people. At least I think this way. How much effort did we put in before standing at this position now?

Perhaps this is also the reason that created peaceful competition between idol groups. Our members always work to the best of our abilities, encourage each other, while aiming to become the best.

As we continued singing songs like “Run Devil Run”, “Genie”, “Gee” and “Kissing You”, the concert venue was filled with excitement and enthusiasm. The moment we stood on the stage, we forgot about the fact that we were in France, and we started to sing. It was great to see that the audiences enjoyed those moments; we also felt a sense of satisfaction being Korea’s So Nyeo Shi Dae.

Not only us, sunbaes and hoobaes like TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee and f(x) performed together while we stand united as SMTOWN. The concert ended successfully as we put in all our efforts and the audiences gave us their greatest supports.

I realized a lot of things after today’s concert.

I realized that even though we could not communicate, even though our features were different, we can become one through the power of music. I realized that although our languages and cultures were different, we can become one through the power of songs. Lastly, I realized that if we are willing to share happiness together, its amount will be doubled.

All of us in the SM family marked today as the start of a bigger dream. We want to share more happiness with the people around the world. We want to share simple things like love, dream and happiness to more and more people in the world, through our music.

The profits that we earned from this beautiful Paris trip were ‘love’ and ‘touched hearts’. It seems that nothing in the world will bring more peace and security other than music. That’s why I am proud to be a singer, and a part of SMTown. SNSD Hwaiting! Our dreams and hopes, hwaiting!

Our fans, thank you very much. We came back after our hard works. Please continue loving us in the future. Hehehe.

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: Naeil News, imwhywhy@fanwonder.com