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Yes, you read it correctly, the 9 ladies actually made some money for a shrewd SONE investor……

Recently posted on the dcinside Taeyeon Gallery, a samchon SONE  uploaded a screen capture of a shares account that showed proof that he had purchased some SM Entertainment shares for 920 won quite some time back.


Since then, the value of SM Entertainment shares have dramatically risen to 26,000 won, a very commendable stock value.


With the purchase price of SME stocks closing near 22 million won, the value of the stock is currently estimated at $650,000, giving a return rate of 2791.30%.


Appropriately, the post was entitled: ‘Thinking of Girls’ Generation, Investing in SM for 3 years. Confirmation of Profit.’


The lucky and shrewd SONE was quoted as saying:


“When it hits exactly one billion won, I want to liquidate it.” 
 “It could fall down or go up, I believe it will go up more. It’s the hardest when the temptation to sell the stock comes to me, but I keep holding on and holding on.”
 “Even now I calculate my living costs and live saving my money. Till the day I sell the stock, I won’t consider it my own money.”
Well, for that particular SONE at least, his faith in the 9 Girls has finally begun to pay tangible dividends :D.

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean
sources: Newsen, somaek@soshified.com,