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Following the 9 ladies’ inaugural Japanese Tour, netizens and fans alike have started to notice a new dimension to the Girls’ image.

The recent promotional pamphlet for the ladies’ Japanese Arena Tour showed off our beloved 9 in a whole new light. In place of the usual cutesy image normally chosen to highlight the charms of our beautiful ladies, a more sophisticated and, dare I say it, sexy image was chosen instead.

True to form, our angelic 9 took to the new image change like a duck takes to water, and carried it off rather successfully, I might add ;).

With their smoky makeup, colourful fashion accessories and, for some of them, new shocking hairstyles, a more feminine and sexy image of our ladies has now been projected for the world to see and enjoy.

Netizens and SONEs comments ranged from “Their expressions and facial angles are like works of art”, “Girls’ Generation has taken off innocence and put on sexiness”, to “We asked for a pamphlet and got a photoshoot instead”.

In fact,our favourite maknae, Seohyun, showed off the most dramatic change of all with her new funky hairstyle, and her sexy stare and lip-pout in the pamphlet photo images. This is in great contrast to the child-like image that she normally projects to the world. (Yonghwa, please take note :D.)

All in all, our favourite 9 ladies are on their way to increasing their influence in the music world with this new mature, feminine, and sexy public image.

SNSD Daebak !!!

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

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