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Tower Records Japan recently just released their 2011 Bestseller list for the first half of the year and…..

surprise, surprise (or maybe not !), our 9 ladies top the sales list for the Album category with their debut 1st Japanese album “Girls’ Generation”.

To add to the celebrations, fellow labelmates, SHINee, managed to top the list for the best selling Singles category for the first half of 2011.

Not to be outdone, though, the ladies’ hit single “Mr. Taxi/Run Devil Run” managed to clinch the 4th spot in the aforementioned list.

All I can say is, “Well Done, Ladies and Gentlemen of SME !”

Album Category

1. Girls’ Generation – SNSD
2. Girls’ Talk – Kara
3. Big Bang 2 – Big Bang
4. GD & TOP Vol.1 – GD & TOP
5. Five Treasure Island – FT Island

Singles Category

1. Replay: You Are My Everything – SHINee
2. Jet Coaster Love – Kara
3. Let Me Cry – Jang GeunSuk
4. Mr.Taxi/Run Devil Run – SNSD
5. Take Off – 2pm

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: tvdaily.co.kr, www.fanwonder.com, Nate, jaygatsby@soshified.com