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Well, the appeal of our 9 ladies to the advertising moguls never seems to end…..

for they have been slated to endorse yet another electronic service product.

This time it is the LG U Plus 4G LTE telecommunications and web services from Korea.

LTE (Long Term Evolution) is cited as the next-generation mobile technology following the current 3G standard, and promises to offer an Internet data transmitting speed of up to five to seven times more than the  existing networks.

The 2nd version of the company’s History Changes CF series showcasing this was recently unveiled to the public and it contained scenes from our 9 ladies’ recent SM Town Paris 2011 performances.

With this new CF, LG U Plus is aiming to capture the European telecommunications market via the Hallyu wave currently sweeping across Europe, this phenomenon being ably spearheaded by our 9 angelic ladies.

To reflect this current interest of K-Pop in the European music industry, the images of the Girls’ Paris performances (and their fans’ responses) were digitally incorporated into scenes showing the reaction of fans to Cliff Richard’s (remember him ?) performances almost 42 years ago.

With that, the makers of the CF video hopes to highlight the fact that just as Asia is enamored with the West and its influences at the moment, the wheel has indeed turned full circle, with K-Pop (an Asian export) returning to and influencing the home of pop music itself, Europe.

In a very similar way, LG U Plus LTE hopes to be the final word in  the 4G market in Europe.

The aforementioned CF video clip (very interesting concept, if I do say so myself ;)):

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: pupleful@youtube.com, Meehyun@soshified.com, gayqueenful@soshified.com