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Have you ever wondered what actually attracts fans (both pre- and existing SONES) to our angelic 9 ladies

This random thought occurred to me as I was previewing on-line all the posted videos from the new “All About Girls’ Generation-Paradise In Phuket” DVD collection: what is it about the 9 ladies that makes them so popular with fans all over the world (well, almost all over ;)) ?

Yes, granted is the fact that all 9 are talented in many aspects of performing skills, some being marginally more so than others. A couple even have additional skills under their proverbial belt (for example, acting and modelling pre-debut), and some even possess physical traits that can potentially drive fans wild (think killer eye-smiles and S-lines :D).

Ultimately, biases will arise and various individual member fandom “battle-lines” will be drawn, culminating in ad-nauseum debates on who is the best (or better than) the other.

Inspite of all this, however, true fans (SONES) of the 9 eventually put aside all petty differences and support all the ladies equally whenever and wherever they perform, thereby propelling them to their current state of worldwide popularity.

So, what is the secret that creates this unique phenomenon among SONES all over, regardless of race, language or religion ?

Personally, I believe the secret lies in the eyes of the angelic 9.

Yes, you read correctly: the eyes of the 9 beautiful ladies are what attracts and retains fans the moment they come in contact with them (whether physically, via a live concert performance, or by proxy, via fancams, music videos or Youtube video posts).

It is said that the eyes of a person(s) are the windows to their soul. Well, if that were the case, I believe the powers-that-be at SM Entertainment has really scored a coup here when they placed these 9 girls (ladies) together to form the K-Pop group known as Girls’ Generation (SNSD).

Different though each individual member of the group may be, when one observes the eyes of the members closely, there is an immediate recognition from the observer that here lies a group of individuals who are honestly giving of their very best for the good of the fellow members, individually, and for the group, together, as a whole.

One cannot help, but see the sincerity of the individual group members to give of their very best reflected there, and that is what makes the 9 so attractive to SONES everywhere.

This innate emotion is best captured in the series of promotional photos taken for the SM Town 2010 Facebook page. I realized that because, each time I used any of these images to head one of my posts here on the SK blog-site, I immediately get the feeling that here is a very attractive young lady whose sole aim is to give of her best for her unnies and fans, as well as the group (SNSD) as a whole.

Do preview the following slideshow of the aforementioned images and tell me that you do not agree with me (it’s kind of hard to disagree, no 😉 ?):

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Another image gallery post to prove my point (the visual interaction with the audience is so obvious ;)):


As the years have gone by, this special bond is nourished and nurtured to the extent that now, when the 9 ladies are together in one place (whether for practice sessions, fan-sign/meet-and-greet sessions, photo opportunities or live performances), the special sisterly-bond between them is immediately evident to all and sundry :).

Whether in joy (as in when they win yet another music award, for example) or sorrow (as in when they commiserated with Sunny when she was unable to complete, or participate in, most of the performance during the 5th June 2011 Japan Arena Tour concert held at the Saitama arena), the visual expressions of the 9 ladies says it all.

No ifs or buts, their eyes clearly shows this Soshi bond to all those around them, thereby endearing them to fans and casual onlookers alike.

To date, many a group have tried to replicate the successes of our favourite 9 ladies, even to the extent of copying their dress sense and dance steps for one such group; unfortunately, to no avail ;).

I personally believe that the bond forged between the 9 individuals during their training days, on debuting and subsequent performances, and which is openly displayed in their eyes for all the world to witness, is one of the open secrets to the apparent success of the angelic 9 ladies (also known as the Soshi bond).

Just so long as the Soshi bond between the 9 ladies is maintained and clearly shown visually to their fans and the world at large, I personally believe that they will be able to sustain their position as the top K-Pop girl group for a long time to come.

I’ll end by placing on record what I personally believe are the individual photos of the 9 ladies, and two short video clips of two of the members (as examples), that best demonstrate this special X-factor which I have alluded to so far. Here’s wishing our 9 earthly angels a long and enduring musical career, coupled with worldwide fame :D.

SNSD Daebak !!!

Tiffany Acknowledging Her Fans

Taeyeon Acknowledging Her Fans

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

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