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Well, it certainly seems our favourite eye-smiles angel has enchanted yet another sector of planet Earth…

Tiffany has recently been chosen by French fans as Girls’ Generation’s prettiest member.

On a recent poll conducted on Girls’ Generation’s French fanpage, 18% of the voters picked Tiffany as the prettiest member.

Not to be outdone, our other angels also garnered a decent share of the on-line votes: Yuri received 15% of the votes, Taeyeon 14%, and Sooyoung 13%.

Tiffany was also chosen as the member with the most beautiful eyes (a given fact, don’t you think so 😉 ?!!).

Our angelic 9 got to show their charms first-hand to their French fans at the recent SM TOWN Live in Paris concert. 

In fact, the ladies were able to recount their experiences on the recently aired “Come to Play” special “We Came to Paris” (a most enjoyable episode to watch, if I do say so myself 😀 !).

Fanytastics Rejoice !!!

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: Nate, www.fanwonder.com