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[Updated with Translation of the UFO Message]

With today being SNSD‘s one and only maknae‘s birthday, the birthday princess herself left a starcall!

Nawww…. she sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to herself! >.< *dies from the cuteness*

The translated UFO message:

Hello~ This is SNSD’s maknae Seohyun, who has been met with her 21st birthday! ^-^ June 28th, today… I’m really happy to be able to spend a birthday full of wishes ^^ I don’t know if I’m allowed to receive so much love and wishes from so many people.. ㅎㅎ First, to my loving parents.. I want to sincerely thank you for giving birth to me!! And all of you, who care for me and give me so much love, that are reading these words right now.. I don’t know how to put all of my feelings into words.. I’m thankful beyond any words I can produce. From the day I debuted, every day, month, 1 year, 2 years.. For always giving me a reason to sing, making me shine on stage, helping me get up and laugh at my darkest hour, and always believing in me..I thank you^^ Like you all have stuck with us until now, I believe you will continue to stay with us in the future~! I will repay you by showing a new, improved me!! Once again, thank you for the birthday wishes~ Everyone..I love you^-^

Source: kjw6676@youtube, ch0sshi@soshified.com