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* BEWARE! There may be bias feelings.

First and foremost, I would like to say that TaeNy has always been my favorite SoShi pairing and I’m sorry if this post may be biased. A couple of days ago, I stumbled upon the TaeNy pairing’s thread on Soshified forums. It turns out that a formal poll was conducted regarding what TaeNy shippers should officially call themselves, and it’s decided that TaeNy shippers are now known as “Locksmiths”.

The meaning behind “Locksmiths some of you guys ask? It’s deep for sure.

Some of us may be aware (esp. if you’re a big TaeNy shipper) that there were times when Taeyeon and Tiffany wore lock and key necklaces. Usually, Taeyeon would be the one seen with the key while Tiffany would be the one seen with the lock.

And there’s an idiom,

If something is under lock and key, it is stored very securely.

It seems like their special friendship/bond is that ‘something’ that has been under lock and key and stored very securely over these years. Since their trainee days, Taeyeon and Tiffany have been best friends and to this day, they still are. Their special friendship is something that can’t be denied and they had once revealed this on Mnet’s Sonyeon Sonyeo Gayo Baekso when Taeyeon was a guest on the show.

MC Kim Hyesung to Taeyeon: Are you a good friend of Tiffany?

Taeyeon: More than just a good friend

Tiffany: I told you. Taeyeon and I are…

Taeyeon: Wife

Tiffany: She and I…How should I put this? We became trainees around the same time. Since then, for three years we lived…

Taeyeon: Lived together in the same room.

Tiffany: …and we debuted together as SNSD

MC: Are you fond of her?

Taeyeon: Yes…I’m very fond of her. She’s very trustworth and reliable.

[Quoted from YT video]

Particularly, when the two left each other messages in their “All About Girls’ Generation ‘Paradise in Phuket’” photobook, you can really sense their special friendship/bond.

[Taeyeon’s message to Tiffany]

Tiffany…You were quite excited before coming to Phuket…We’ve been roommates for a long time since training days~ It may be because we’ve known each other for so long, you know how family members usually don’t say things like this, like, I like you…or can’t really express gratitude, and I feel like I’m like that especially with you. I grew up in Korea, you in the US, and the differences in opinions due to cultural differences came as hard at first but now, after trying to match up to each other, we really have no questions about each other. That’s how close we’ve gotten and I like how we are right now. I like you before when we were trainees, but I like you better now. Thanks for presenting me, and the all of us, with so much memories, and we have a long way to go together, so I’ll stop here

[Quoted from Taeyeon’s Talk]

[Tiffany’s message to Taeyeon]

And lastly, Tae Yeon~ She’s not here, right? I can’t say anything if she is…Tae Yeon, lately we’ve been quarreling on and off, right? We’ve been like this for six years now? We grew up together for six years…and I love our relationship. I’ll try to express more, and you too~ I love you so so much, and I care for you, you know that right? Thank you always, and love you lots! The end!

[Quoted from Tiffany’s Talk]

That being said, being a “locksmith” is quite meaningful. By definition,

  • locksmith [ˈlɒkˌsmɪθ] n. 

                      (Business / Professions) a person who makes or repairs locks

[Locksmiths] know the backstory behind the lock and key, and it’s something that TaeNy, themselves, acknowledge. As locksmiths, we will be sure to protect their bond through our craft (aka ‘shipping’)

[Quoted from annyeong-goodbye-adios@tumblr]

Because deny it or not, TaeNy is REAL. 

No doubt that over the years, the members have helped one another to open up and I always had a thought that Tiffany has especially done so with Taeyeon. I think Tiffany has played a big role, bringing out the change in Taeyeon. In the past, Taeyeon seemed timid and afraid to express herself sometimes; remember her admitting this on Strong Heart?

I have a slightly timid personality

[Quoted from 091215 Strong Heart Ep 11]

And Sooyoung pointing this out on Chin Chin radio before?

Sooyoung: I want to say this to Taeyeon and Tiffany. Their homes are very far from here so they can’t go home very often. But a point that these two have in common is that, I guess it’s because they’ve lived apart from their families for so long but, whenever there’s a difficult time for them, they hide it.  Whenever I’m going through something, I can talk to my mom, but these two can’t. So I was always so sorry for that. And so I want them two to be able to lean on me whenever they’re in need….Lean on me and tell me what you’re going through. Taeyeon and Tiffany both, we know that you’re both weak so stop trying to act strong and talk to me.

[Quoted from 090113 Chin Chin Radio]

Now, in present day, wouldn’t you say Taeyeon is so much more outgoing? I sense this whenever she’s by Tiffany’s side.

I don’t know if I made any sense posting this up, but I’ve always wanted to dedicate a post to my favorite pairing and attempt making a TaeNy FMV (fan music video).


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Hurray for “locksmiths“~

By: ferrerorocher9@SNSDKorean.com