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I don’t know about you, but it looks like someone’s getting a little possessive of our maknae…

On the June 1st episode of  MBC’s “Radio Star”, both TRAX’s Jungmo and CN Blue’s Yonghwa were invited to appear as guests. As always, the topic of Girls’ Generation’s resident maknae eventually surfaced.

In that respect, when  TRAX’s Jungmo commented, “Seohyun is closest to my ideal type” , it somehow brought forth a interesting response from Yonghwa.

CNBlue’s Jung Yonghwa appeared to became noticeably jealous about the expressed opinion ( he was once in a make-believe marriage on “We Got Married” with her). Hmm…, I wonder why 😉 ?

Yonghwa recalled that during the filming of the show (WGM), Jungmo would teach Seohyun how to play the guitar and took good care of her as well.

In fact, our maknae Seohyun was also featured in one of TRAX’s music videos “Oh! My Goddess”. 

Well, it certainly looks like there is some truth to the reality of the Goguma couple after all :D. Our Seobaby has certainly become a heartstealer of sorts !

(Personally, I think the 2 guys were just poking fun at each other during the show, but hope springs eternal for all goguma couple shippers, eh ?!!)

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: TVREPORT,  jreddevil07@soshified.com