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Recently, over 1,000 netizens participated in an online poll, conducted to determine the idols anti-fans are most afraid of. The Top 5 have been revealed and Jessica and Sooyoung were among the five idols.

Jessica came in 1st place as netizens explained that they voted for her because “it seems like she would be the type to take revenge on others” and because she is nicknamed “Ice Princess.” Fans, however, defended Jessica, saying that she has a kind heart and would feel sad if she was hated by others.

Coming in 2nd was 2AM’s Jokwon; netizens reasoned that due to Jokwon’s crazy image on variety shows, netizens feel that he would go crazy and force them to say why they don’t like him. In 3rd place. was Sooyoung as netizens believe that she would be the type to yell back at the antis and possibly start kicking them with her long legs.

F(x)’s Victoria came in 4th place because netizens reasoned that they are afraid she would fight back in Chinese, which the antis would not understand (LOL!). In 5th place was Big Bang’s T.O.P. For T.O.P, they reasoned that because he appears to be the type that would not care about antis, they would feel a sense of failure as he would not respond to their attacks.


When I read the article, it made me LOL. The answers the netizens gave are hilarious haha, especially for Sooyoung and Victoria. What do you guys think of the poll’s results?

SourcesLiberty Times + Koreaboo