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Recent comments about the health of our angelic 9 have been brought to their attention and this is their response….

Apparently the on-line concern of SONES all the world over, with regards to the health of the various members of SNSD, have been brought to the attention of the ladies themselves.

A recent post by 바람막이, who apparently has some connection with insiders in the industry was posted on-line. The following is the translated post :


The reason I wrote the subject as such is because…
Forums are overflowing with comments of worry about how our nine girls are recently looking more and more tired and thinner. I managed to overhear, by chance, from an insider that the girls are worried about the SONE who are losing sleep over their concern for them. And so I write this so that this might be an opportunity to for us to use our energies in a more positive way.
With an unimaginable number of unpublicised schedules and tour rehearsals, the girls may look much leaner and exhausted, but to address this the girls are eating better and more than usual, as well as taking care of their fitness.

They say that it troubles the girls even more when fans are worried. They keep looking at all the worried messages from fans, and feel frustrated that they have no means of communicating with us except through things like UFO.

I know parents wonder whether their kids are doing well if they go abroad, and feel heartbroken to see them thinner… But they are taking care of themelves so well like this, so that they can show us an even better SNSD.

I hope that we can cheer for them, pray that they stay healthy and finish their Japanese tour without any accidents.

I think that instead of starting topics or writing comments that are worrying about their health, SONE should be writing things like “We believe in you” and be full of energy so that the girls will be able to take strength from us.

They are sorry for how the fans feel, so please don’t show concern but instead, show unrelenting enthusiasm and cheer for them.

PS1) There is a map detailing the locations of their Japanese tour. They say that beside this map hangs another map detailing the best restaurants in those area.

Apparently the girls refused to perform if they couldn’t do a “tour” of these restaurants ^_^

PS2) Please spread this as much as possible so that as many SONE as possible can see this. My only request is that you remember to copy the subject title and the PS notes at the bottom.

Korean tends to be a language where cutting a sentence short can change the meaning drastically. We have all experienced this, right? Especially for the reporters who will probably read this, please do not quote this post in extract form.

translated by: oniontaker
source: 바람막이 @ bestiz 

Well, it does seem that all our on-line posts urging the ladies to take care of their health has been noticed after all. So, from now on, let us post words of encouragement to energize the 9 angels in their efforts to take over the music world 😀 ( as they have so ably done thus far in encouraging us in our day-to-day struggles ;)) SNSD FIGHTING !

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: http://soshified.com/forums, 바람막이 @ bestiz