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A recent on-line survey following the release of the new Japanese album by the Girls garnered this little interesting “tid-bit”.

With the upcoming release of the Girls’ first Japanese album by SM Entertainment on the 1st of June 2011, a series of promotional photos featuring the 9 ladies in a new, “soft aura” concept was released to the general public.

Fans and fellow netizens immediately commented on the fact that the new image concept suited well the inherent beauty of the 9 group members. Special mention, however, was made of Tiffany and how her mature beauty was brought to the fore with this new soft and alluring image concept.

Comments like “Tiffany is looking more and more mature”, “She looks like Jessica”, “She’s a goddess” were made in response to this new image change.

Personally, I like this new look of hers as it makes her more demure and “angelic“.

sources: soshified, soshibrows@twitter, http://www.kyeongin.com