+Updated with Jessica’s Birthday starcall 

Sica pulls out another heart stopper. xD *clutches chest*
Earlier today, Jessica left a new message on SNSD’s official website along with the following picture and uploaded a starcall.

Sones hello~~~~^^
It’s Sica~
Thank you for congratulating my 23rd birth day so~~~ much
I’m so~~~ happy that I don’t know how to express in words~
Maybe you’re happier about it than I am. Thank you, and thank you again~

hot picture..ㅎㅎ(referring that it’s new)
I hope it helps you gain strength, and smile!

jessi ♡ S♡NE


Hello this is SNSD’s Jessica. It has been a long time, isn’t it? Today is my birthday! Thank you to those who wished and gave me presents on this day. Since it’s my birthday today, I feel very happy. Everybody please have a good day today and think of Jessica more often~ Please anticipate SNSD’s future activities. Bye~ Happy birthday to me~

And there I was thinking that this was about as cute as anyone could possibly get. 🙂

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