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Gather Round everyone, and listen to this tale of chemistry between two people, and a love that could be.

Not that we have any grounds to call them as a couple “legitimate” in any sense, but it has been a highlight to watch the relationship between the sweet potato couple grow with the ever coupling mindset of “fake marriage”. As fans of either Soshi or CNBLUE, we can scorn or spazz about the interaction between Yoong and Hyuun, but it could not be ignored while it was on air.

So, lets get the obvious statement out of the way. The show was scripted, each and every setting and mission was designed for the couple to participate in events that were interesting from a couple’s standpoint and was created to get viewing, cause normal relationships are boring to people from the outside looking in. What haters (cause they always gonna hate) seem to not realize, is that even though the show was scripted, what they did WHILE these events took place was anyone’s guess. Forcing two people to be together for a specific amount of time allows them to poke and prod around conversation and also interact with each other. Conversations and little actions are what makes the couples shine and feel different from other couples. If we take Seohyun and Victoria, one is more likely to show jealousy than the other, thus a different dynamic is created and just within that, different conversation will flower. You could say that WGM FORCED them to talk to each other, and that’s all the bridge you need in some cases. It was a beautiful chemistry of musicians who could fill episodes with nothing but music, a story of the class clown trying to appeal to the upright girl with the high education, and an epic of constant mistakes revisited and fixed as the episodes go by.

Throughout the weeks we find that although it was clearly obvious that this couple were not “in a close relationship”, even more so than other couples. It was always surprising to see the little things that they do for each other. Everything from simple letters and gifts to complete skills learnt due to the nature and charisma of the other. Picking up the guitar, reading specific books, even both parties learning how to knit, are not things that were learnt while they were on set, and took extra time out of their lives away from the WGM recording, at least, from these viewing, we can say that while they were filming, they were still on each others minds. Did any of you like this particular writer gasp in astonishment when Seohyun played banmal by herself on guitar? How about Yonghwa knitting two sets of scarves to apologize for losing Seohyun’s scarf? Was Yonghwa losing the scarf done on purpose? if so then WGM are geniuses, if not, then WGM just scored a heartfelt scene without even trying. Lets not get into Yonghwa dumping alot of money on a second guitar that Seohyun didn’t need, just due to the fact that he KNEW she would like a pink guitar. As a guitarist, if you are a beginner, the only way you retain the newly learnt skill of calloused fingers, chord progression and strumming style is to constantly practice, as even one month of leaving the guitar to collect dust kills your skill in guitar as a beginner, so it was amzing to watch Seohyun play the banmal song with such skill and strumming perfection (for a beginner), maybe she truly is a genius in music, but it certainly set the bar high.

Lets say all of the things that was just written WERE scripted. Then lets go to particular activities outside of the program. Mastering the recording of Banmal, a song that was created for the sweet potato couple and to a larger extent, for seohyun herself, was a task completed by Yonghwa, it looked like a happy coincidence when he simply mentioned it in passing to Seohyun and then WGM jumping on it and creating a mission around it for a future episode, even among the company banters of not letting Seohyun record the master of the track, Yonghwa still released it on his own under his own licensing company. Now…Lets talk Love Light….actually…lets not, because there is nothing more to say than “I’m Genie for you girl” and the impending deep and meaningful talk of how Yonghwa created that line in the song while they were fishing, the dynamic of the talk truly revealed a different side, Seohyun dodging her way around asking Yonghwa if he thought about her while making the song, and Yonghwa finally taking charge and allowing his words just leave without reserve.

Now lets talk about the inevitability of the final episode that was stretched across two weeks. It’s always interesting to see how each couple ends their marriage, along with a sudden questioning of “will they or won’t they after the show?”. Needless to say, it was emotional, and if human emotion is any indication to how important this simple fake marriage was, all it took for this writer to believe was the fact that a single tear fell from Seohyun’s eyes. No, it was not a wail of sadness, nor a sobbing of lost treasures, it was simply a reaction to the end of a relationship that she was put into, and it seems that the relationship had some sort of effect that warranted a tear from the upright Seohyun. She can no longer say that she’s never cried for a boy, cause she did, on screen too. It was a gut wrenching departure as well. While Yonghwa slowly watched Seohyun disappear into the confines of her home building, the immediate reaction her looking back, running outside then not knowing what to say clearly emphasized a longing of wanting this to go on a for a little longer than it had.

Well…to wrap this puppy up. Lets say that at the very least, this allowed fans to have a closer look at their celebrities and the way they like to banter. Watching the fruits of two musicians labor grow into something that was purely a passion and allowing them to work together and know each other a little bit more. At least this writer knows, that the next time the sweet potato couple meet, there will be no awkward bow of respect, there will be no reserved polite talk, and that alone is what WGM created for them. Whether that bridge will allow them to think of the “What if?” outside after the series or stay as close friends with past memories that they can look upon fondly, is entirely up to them.

Written by dreadtech

Pictures compiled by Mintchoc

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