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+ fan made gifs under the cut
+ Updated with Eng subbed video

And we love it too! 🙂

Intel has just released a new video full of Soshi goodness featuring Seohyun, Taeyeon and Yoona. While I honestly only understood half of the clip, the repeat button kept calling to me. So watch it in 1080p and be BLOWN AWAY~! And try to keep them eyeballs in your sockets You have been warned 🙂

(thanks to sasa for the subbed video tip)

For those who are wondering, the “gamer dude” is Lim Yo-Hwan a.k.a BoxeR, a famous Korean professional Starcraft player. When I say famous, I mean “has a fan-club with over 1,000,000 members” kind of famous. Even if he wasn’t a SONE before this, i’m pretty sure he is now. 🙂 Who can resist the power of Soshi? Now we’ve got another name to add to the list of famous SONEs. 😛 *obnoxious laughter*

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