[Update] –  (Under the cut) ‘Behind the scenes’ video & pictures + ‘NG’ cuts added. -MintChoc

We haven’t seen a Domino’s Pizza commercial in awhile, but fear not a new one has just been released! Fresh, bright colors to represent the upcoming warm weather? It’s certainly a happy and cheerful CF! Not all the girls are present (well not until the end at least!) but the Mah bad. Out of it. The cuteness is still on overload though!

Is it just me or does that pizza look WAYYYY better that the pizza we have in the US? Or maybe that’s just the Soshi effect..
Maknae, please start eating the foods that your promote 0=)

Behind the Scenes/Making of

NG cuts

Behind the Scenes pictures + Bonus gifs for GorJess spazzers 😀



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