Two new pictures have  surfaced on the internet of an adorable little girl watching the Japanese Gee PV..who could it be?

Well the little girl, named Noa, is actually the daughter of Ex Morning Musume member Nozomi Tsuji! The Gee fever has spread from Korean fans to Japanese fans and now to…their kids! But of course, tis a good fever, no antibiotic needed 🙂 (Cheesy..mah bad.)

Nozomi actually blogged about her daughter and you can read the original here. Here’s a translation of it thanks to Nouciel@snsd soompi thread:

In the lots of time I’ve been spending at the house, I’ve been memorizing Shoujo Jidai’s dances.
By the way!!
Noa (daugher) is into Shoujo Jidai as well. (she’s) memorizing… the dances.

Both daughter and mother are memorizing them.
Also, Noa-tan has become like Shoujo Jidai.

This pose, is Shoujo Jidai-like. Cute. ^^

Shoujo Jidai’s songs… are really fast/easy.
But mama (Tsuji), who has done her best, has mastered the hook of the song.

Noa danced to the part that goes ‘no no no no no’.

This is so cute, isn’t it.

When we both master this part, we want to show it to papa (Taiyou) quickly.

So how do you know if someone is a passionate fan or not? Well hell, when they start memorizing dances with their kid of course! Absolutely adorable ❤

And speaking of Japanese fans..AKB48’s Team K member Umeda Ayaka blogged about watching SNSD’s  Run Devil Run PV and stated that it was “really cool!” (The source said that’s what she said so I’m going with PV.)

Well there you have it. The fan base of Soshi just continues to grow and grow, expanding all throughout Asia 🙂

sources; imnikky, jphip for pictures, everything else cited above.
written by Boss Lady