with only 2 days left we are at 4th place. I’d like to thank everyone who voted on behalf of the staff at SKE.

At this point in time it really doesn’t matter anymore. The aim was to hit the finalist spots which are the top 6, which we have hit with gusto. Once the event is over this will be taken off sticky and will plummet to whatever page it belongs to.

This proves to us the only one reason of why we are all here. This community can band together and achieve some incredible things, and as a social experiment, this has proven to be a success. I know that there are some fans who don’t comment or participate, but that doesn’t matter, we know that they are there behind the screens still supporting us. I always feel that for every vote there are at least 4 people who don’t but still refresh our pages 5 times a day, I was one before I became part of staff. This is why we are here, and possibly if we try another one of these contests, we can soar above and beyond what has happened in this contest. ❤ from SKE.

Nominate ♔SNSD Korean for a social media award in the Shorty Awards! Nominate ♔SNSD Korean for a social media award in the Shorty Awards!

Our friends over at soshified are going for the #entertainment award. If you have time please vote for them too, we’re a family after all 🙂

Ok so for those of you that aren’t aware. The shorty awards are an organization that awards the best in twitter and social media.

So…why don’t we see if we can make something count?

The shorty awards have been running on for three years and a new fan category has been added under #fansite, I think we might have a small shot at seeing how far we can go (soshified is also running for #fansite and #entertainment)

So it is very imperative that for us to grow and to get some more fans and exposure that some dedication is needed to achieve such an award since under the rules it states that you can only vote once for each person/account in each category.

So…here is a humble request from the staff at snsdkorean, if you would like to see us grow as a community and show the world how devoted and dedicated we are, please vote for us on your twitter account. If you don’t have a twitter account you can create one and then vote for us. Only one vote per account, if you try to repeat votes it simply replaces your current existing vote.

So…to vote for us, simply write on your twitter feed

I nominate @snsdkorean for a Shorty Award in #fansite because…

PLEASE WRITE SOMETHING AFTER BECAUSE. If you do not add a reason the vote does not count, but you can write anything according to the rules, so go nuts :P.

Here is my sample: Just replace the words after because and write watever you want!

Follow this link and read the Voting section on how to properly vote if you want more info.


Watching this community grow for over a year, it feels great when our base expands, and I would love to see us reach out further and further so that our dedication can get deeper and deeper. I hope you can take 5 minutes (or less) to vote for us and really help not only us but the whole community of snsdkorean to grow bigger and better. Voting alsts till the end of January, so please do your part if you want us to grow!

Credits: http://shortyawards.com, roflbot