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Black Soshi is back! Well sort of…

The Japanese version of “Run Devil Run” has claimed the number one spot on the Recochoku Chaku Uta Daily Ranking, for the 19th of January.

Recochoku Chaku Uta Daily Ranking Top 5:

1. “Run Devil Run” – SNSD

2. “Distance” – Nishino Kana

3. “Why? (Keep Your Head Down)” – DBSK

4. “EXIT” – Porno Graffiti

5. “Kimo” to Tsukuru Mirai – Ketsumeishi

Recochoku is a Japanese based digital music downloading website that specializes in ringtones (Chaku Uta). In Japan, ringtones are immensely popular and for “Run Devil Run” to claim the top spot after only one day of release is a champion effort so congrats to the girls!

Credit: Kanki@soshified.com

Source: http://www.barks.jp/news/?id=1000067113

Written by: mikechi@snsdkorean

Tidbit: Although the Japanese versions of “GENIE” and “Gee” were both released before “Run Devil Run”, this is the first SNSD track to achieve numero uno on Recochoku.