+ UPDATED FANCAM with MAEniac scream hahaha (-MAEniac)



Note: following post was taken over by dreadtech due to time constraints.

The Intel Conference has jsut finished and the MV is stated to be released in mere hours, until then, the delayed stream of the intel conference will be streamed by soshified at 12am KST.

For those who can’t watch or want to catch what happened, hit the Jump, this post will be the post to be updated with the MV, the MV is OUT!

watching this in 1080p on my 22″ LCD is such a treat ^_^

I watched the first stream and it is quite good albeit a bit blurry. The conference opened with the Visual Dreams MV, followed by the girls appearing in an assortment of grey/silver dresses. They performed HOOT live and then a short announcement was made before they closed with a live performance of Visual Dreams. Apparently k-sones have already completed fan chants, or at least they have a coherent guideline of chants.

Pics of the conference:

Fancam of the girls at the Intel Conference:

Yes, that’s MAEniac screaming “GET IT STEPHANIE!” at 4:15

Apparently someone has already gotten the FullHD version of the MV on his hands,so be sure to stay tuned to the download!

Credit : @Youtube,eskyigloo@Twitter, Dcinside.com, TVDaily. TVReport, sment