Live Performance on Intel’s showcase is over.
Soshified to stream it again at 12AM KST(19th Jan).

Does the above tune sounds familiar to you?
Be it a yes or no,you’ll fall in love with it right after this post.
Why? Jump under the cut to find out.

dreadtech: Just caught the stream, Opened with Visual Dreams MV, followed by a live performance by soshi doing HOOT. Soshi were wearing an assortment of  grey/silver dresses. Then the conference went underway. Finished off with a LIVE performance of Visual Dreams. And surprisingly, I think k-sones have some sort of coherent fan chant ALREADY!!!!

A video of our ladies singing along to the Intel‘s official logo song has been released earlier on as follows.

Here’s the 128kbps audio rip which you can set as your phone’s ringtone!

As you guys know,the ladies has been working very closely with Intel in the recent days.
Visual Dreams,a collaboration track was released yesterday and later on tonight at 9:10PM KST,the MV is set to be unveiled as well.
While waiting for that,let’s check out the Intel Korea‘s website as it has been updated with more goodies,one of it being the instrumental version of Visual Dreams.

Last but not least,the ladies are set to perform this very new track in the evening at the 1st Visual Smart Intel showcase as well. You can stream it live at Soshified,as to the time and channel of the streaming,nothing much has been made known yet.

Update #1 : Soshified’s reply in respond to the live streaming.

Right now it looks like a live stream of the Intel conference isn’t possible, but they’ll be trying to do it at about 9:20pm KST when SNSD comes out. If that doesn’t work, then the delayed stream will be at 12am KST (in about 3.5 hours)

Update #2 : SNSD will perform at Intel’s event around 9.20PM KST.

Credits : Tombuutkamp2000 & S9OneLove@Youtube, SoshiBond009 & hiros2008@Twitter.
Reupload : zheming@snsdkorean