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*Updated with video footage*

World domination that is…

Now this isn’t necessarily news per se, but at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) taking place this instance in Las Vegas; Samsung, South Korea’s largest company is showcasing their latest range of gizmos and gadgets. The knowledge of future electronic trends that you can get from being there is world class, probably the best buying guide out there. So what does this have to do with SNSD and a global takeover you ask?

Well there’s this special relationship that SNSD have with Samsung, and currently running on massive screens at the CES Samsung booth, is HD footage of none other than our beloved nine.

Oh!-m-Gee-ing the technophiles!

But thats not all, Samsung’s new range of 3D LED TV’s on show also have clips of SNSD looping on them too:

SNSD can make any TV look good!

At the world’s largest technology-related trade show and in view of the industry’s biggest and best, as well as the world’s media, this is fantastic exposure for the girls, and will without doubt generate even further interest for those unfamiliar with Soshidom.

Unfortunately, CES is not open to the public and therefore most of us will probably not get a chance to witness the beauty of the girls on the latest standard of High Definition, but at least we know they are one step closer to taking over the world right?

Picutres: yoonyul.com, gadgetell.com

Credit: sica_jjang@soompi for the tip, YHELOTHARLOL@youtube

Written by: mikechi@snsdkorean

Tidbit: That Samsung 3D LED TV is 75 inches!!! It makes me want to rip out the TV/monitor I’m using to write this post up, and throw it into the backyard..