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Last year, SNSD released and performed 3 hit songs (“Oh!”, “Run Devil Run”, and “Hoot”) on various music shows including MBC’s “Show! Music Core”.

As SONEs we undoubtedly enjoyed every single one of their performance stages although some may have liked one more than the others. Curious to know which song the girls chose as their favorite MuCore performance stage of 2010?

The title of this post was kind of a dead giveaway wasn’t it?

That’s right, SNSD chose “Oh!” as their best performance stage in a year where they experimented with three very different concepts: Cheerleaders, Black Soshi and Troublesome Spy Girls! Their thoughts were revealed on Music Core’s New Year Special 2011, along with a compilation video of all their “Oh!” performances on the program in 2010:

*Translation when available*

Bonus vid: The girls wishing Music Core viewers a Happy New Year!

What was your favorite SNSD performance stage of last year?

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Written by: mikechi@snsdkorean