Yeah that’s right. First it was Korea, then Japan…and now Taiwan too! The soshi-fever, soshi-effect, soshimination, girls’ domination or whatever you call it, they’re just conquering all and everything. If you searched in the soshictionary for the word ‘surrender’ the result would read error‘. Here’s another piece of pleasant news ’bout our Girls that will brighten up your Christmas even more! (though it’s already 37 minutes past Christmas here down under)

The title can be misleading. Soshi didn’t exactly come first this time, but in my opinion it’s already such an amajjang achievement, keeping in mind that there’s a whole lot of other Korean artists out there. Life is about a balance – coming first in everything would mean that you’re over-working and there’ll just be more and more pressure piling up every time.

The results shown from a Taiwanese music site showed its week 29’s ‘Korean-Japanese Music Chart’ rankings in terms of album sales. The rankings are as follows:

1. ‘Bonamana’ – Super Junior (57, 000 copies sold)

2. ‘Taiwan Special Edition’ – Wonder Girls (50, 000 copies)

3. ‘You’re Beautiful’ OST – SBS drama (40, 000 copies)

4. ‘Oh!’ – SNSD (37, 000 copies)

5. ‘Lucifer’ – SHINee (30, 000 copies)

Cr: fanwonder .com

— Annabananaz@ snsdkorean