Songs reflect one’s inner state of mind. They are, of course, altered and edited with special audio effects in order to be enhanced and to correct all defects; but have you ever thought of it without all of this? Without all technical editing and the backing music, the song remains as beautiful because the emotions of the song can clearly be heard. And there’s no doubt that it’s shown when you only hear Taeyeon’s vocals in “I Love You” from the Athena OST, i.e. without the MR.

This version of the song really reminded me that love is undefined yet humans interpret it to an extent that goes beyond its true meaning. Love in its pure form is what defines it and without such extra ‘touch ups’ it remains in its best unchanged state, although this is solely my opinion. The song  sounds great overall, but in my opinion the song has an extra depth added to it when the MR is removed. Sometimes certain vocal sections get overpowered by the instrumental and effects so do enjoy this ‘pure’ audio clip (although I assume her voice is already slightly edited here):

Credits: snsdlivenew5 @ Youtube, Soshified twitter

Written by: annabananaz @ snsdkorean