You know, somebody could probably live an almost soshi-endorsed lifestyle: one that only uses the food, clothing, and electronics that have featured the girls before. While there’s obviously still a few industries that have yet to advertise with the girls, it’s only a matter of time right? Furniture models.. ohmygawd! But what does one do about money? How are you going to buy your things in an soshi manner? Have no fear, Happy Money is here!

Because there’s nothing like trading cash for some soshi-dollars right? If you didn’t know, Happy Money is pretty much a universal gift-card/certificate in Korea. It’s not completely ‘universal’, but it’s used by bookstores, movie theaters, restaurants, etc. The latest versions of Happy Money will trendily display SNSD in their Hoot outfits, with 10 different versions available (one of each member, one group). From my understanding, the company is celebrating its ‘Hoot’ collection launch by doing a contest, and the best 20 snsd-related blogs/minihompy will get Happy Money as prizes. I personally prefer ‘soshi-dollars’, but I guess the term Happy Money fitting if it has the girls on it.

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