NOTE: As it is impossible for us to help all the readers in our site go through the buying procedure, I advise anyone who wants to buy on Gmarket to install Google Chrome, in which a built in translate function will *hopefully* get you through. If not, I advise waiting until also sells cards, which it probably will…just later.

NOTE 2: And just like that, yesasia has them. However, the proposed send off date is….nov 26


No idiot, the girls aren’t coming to our blog, as much as I’ll give my soul and a kidney all I have to make that happen, but for all you real fans out there, our beautiful girls will be once again releasing a new set of star collection cards for us to fanboy/girl over =DDDD

Just a teaser =P

EDIT. If it’s any comfort to all you readers looking at empty wallets, I don’t have a kidney to get snsdkorean here, cause I just sold it to finance these new acquisitions T_T

Secret Rares: Handwritten autographed holographic cards O_O

Ultra Rare : Micro B/W RDR Cards

Ultra Rare : Holographic Platinum Cards

Super Rare : Holographic Cards

Matte Cards

Color Cards

Norms =D

You can head on over to @Gmarket to place your bajillion orders.

English transactions, go here:

Now, if anyone ever reads my posts, you probably know I fanboy after Seobaby a lot, but god, these cards…

Sica…my ice princess…oh my goddess…you are the love of my life ❤ *faints*

(I dare you to contradict me =P)

Source: Gmarket

Written: SilentArchangel@snsdkorean