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While surfing on Youtube, I stumbled upon the wonderful land of SNSD covers, and I wanted to share some of the most impressive interpretations I’ve seen. Thanks to our staffer, Ferrerorocher, for the Hoot Piano covers! And click under the cut for more amazing Sones on the interwebs 😀

Cabi Song– Drum (also check out his Taeyang “Superstar”)

10 Song Mash Up– Drum

Hoot– Drum

Genie– Beatbox

Hoot– Piano

Hoot– Piano

Can You Hear Me- Piano (also check out her other AMAZING piece which has been acknowledged by WongFuProductions. Thus it is legit)

Run Devil Run– Dance

Oh– Dance

Oh– Dance (this girl is 11 years old in the vid. Sone prodigy? )

Wake Up– Dance

I saved the vocal covers for later (also, I don’t want to fry your computer with 5243987652 videos).

Who do you think has the best SNSD cover/interp? Leave your comments down below and if you think you can do better, leave your video as well! Remember to check back on the blog for the second batch of talented Sones and maybe we’ll feature your cover!

Cr: respective youtubers