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Edit by Boss Lady: Hello! Added some ridiculously cute fan accounts, read ’em at the bottom of the cut 🙂

A day after the ladies’ comeback on Music Bank,they are back with My Best Friend & Hoot on MBC Music Core. This time round,the performances were pre-recorded as well.
And YulTi kick started the show by introducing the new fixed MCs!
Check them out as follows.

Introduction :

Performances :

In courtesy of silis7noy2@Soompi,here’s a little something i’ve found very interesting to share with you guys.

Kang Myoung Seok is a well known entertainment critic. When SNSD debuted,he did take note of them. About ITNW,Kang said,
“Their group dance is really something. Watching that I say they will make it.”

And he commented today after SNSD’s Music Bank comeback performance.

“SNSD is on a different level. Before you can even talk about the song or the concept, being able to show such a performance in the midst of their busy schedules would be an impossible task unless the company’s training system and the hard works of each members coordinate perfectly together. With their Japan activities it was unsure if they would have the time to prepare but perhaps the Japan trip was a stimulus for the members.”

“The archery dance might look like an easygoing dance to some. But how can I say this, with it they can fashion the stage in a way to really grab your attention. With that kind of power you can call it a ‘force’.”

“Some people might claim the song, the dance, or the concept may be little lacking when looked at individually, but the ability to create a showpiece from the sum of those parts… I mean the company’s ability plays a part but it is more the competence of the members… their skill definitely is something that no people can criticize ignorantly.”

“By now they can take the crown. Their presence on stage is just too good.”

“SNSD well.. the things that only the mothership girlgroup can do they do it right.”

Credit : CrazyCarrot260@Youtube



During Hoot recording, fany was supposed to point at tae but she kept poking her…the two of them were having alot of fun…then the both of them did a weird “knocking-the-door” poses which make the sones laugh~ Everybody’s looking very energetic today and they kept saying alot of encouraging words…
cr. yoonyulreal @ weibo

[Translated] Fanaccount of the Hoot recording. 2ny flirting; sica acting cool and etc.lol.
There are around 300 sones attended the mucore recording. So the very first recording was for Hoot stage. When I went into the studio, 2AM was recording for their comeback stages too. And finally it was the girls’turn to record their comeback stages. Sunny was the first > the starting of the song. then sica’s starting dance moves are at 0:07)

After the third recording ended, sunny and fany hit each other’s nose then went to put on more makeup. During the fourth recording, fany instructed us to put in more effort to wave the balloons. So we followed her instruction, we put in 100% of effort to wave the balloons. Then after the recording ended, they bid goodbye and prepares for My Best Friend stage.

cr. DJRC @ weibo

[Translated] Fanacct of My Best Friend recording.Yoonsic, sootae, 2ny moments.
The nine of them totally look like angels during MBF recording. Everybody screamed “so cute~” when all of them appeared on the stage. They indeed look very cute especially sica. But I have to say that taeyeon looks very beautiful and so so cute! Especially when she looks into the camera and was waving innocently. OMG, she looks so beautiful! The nine of them were totally flirting on the stage~
Moreover the choreography is so cute and so lovely!! The most funny thing was after the first recording of the song, both sunny and fany kneeled, looked at each other and finally turned to us and said, “actually the lyrics (My Best Friend) were all lies”. We all laughed. Ah~ wae are they so cute? The funniest person should be Kim Taeyeon. She kept making mistakes and it was not just only once. lol. Like during the part when they formed a single line and did the legs swinging, either she mixed up with the directions or she didnt lifted up her legs. But then she still looks cute!! Maybe because she’s kinda frustrated at herself for making so many mistakes, she practiced again and again by herself on the stage. CUTE!!!!!YoonSic put their arms around each other during one of the part in MBF. And during the ending, everybody saw SooTae kissed!! OMG! Tae covered it with her hands…tae, everyone of us saw it so there’s no point of you covering it…she’s looking shy too~ MOST IMPORTANTLY, the rest of us were screaming and shouting!! totally crazy!! And there wasnt any fixed ending pose so everybody did their freestyle poses. okok~ I know you guys are so lovey-dovey~ Dont be so obvious!! LOL. After the recording, they bid goodbye and left~

cr. DJRC @ weibo