No, unfortunately, the mv still has not been released yet. (WTF SME? There better be explosions, magic, and scandalous pairings like SooSun). The mv will supposedly come out on 10pm KST later today. STUPID RUMORS

You can send the girls some questions that might be read and answered by the girls themselves!

All you have to do is hop onto twitter and tweet @kbsworldtv, followed by your message, name, and country. The message will have a chance of being read by the girls LIVE on their Music bank comeback.

As I quote from KBSWORLD,

The message can be any in these 2 types:

1) Questions regarding the new album : the new dance, the song, the concept~ etc
2) Any other question / message you want to ask

An example tweet would be:

@kbsworldtv [SNSD] I really like Hoot, Girls’ Generation is the best! When is SooTae going to make a comeback? (yourname/country).

Except that you probably shouldn’t ask any questions about pairings as they might consider it spam (which isn’t allowed). I will also assume that this means not repeatedly sending tweets to increase your chances. The name and country MUST be included in the message. They may try to contact winners via Direct Message, so please follow @kbsworldtv.


It is stated that every message tweeted to their account will be read by the KBS staff, and to that I say to KBS: You’re pretty damn lucky that SNSD’s comeback has the ability to slow down time.

If you do not have a twitter account, or do not know how to use twitter, here are the steps and what it means to ‘tweet’…

1. Go to and register for an account.

2. Once that is setup, you should be able to see a box that looks similar to this on your ‘home’ page:

In that box, type @kbsworldtv [YOUR MESSAGE HERE WITH NAME AND COUNTRY].

Make sure you have a space after the ‘@kbsworldtv’, the square brackets do NOT need to be present. You are limited to 140 characters total.

3. After you have perfected your tweet with what you want to say, click the ‘tweet’ button.

4. Then go to this link:!/kbsworldtv and click the follow button.

5. Finish! You have now followed and sent a tweet to kbsworldtv. Now just sit back and hope for the best!

6. Oh, and don’t forget to follow us on twitter for instant-tweets for our latest posts!!/snsdkorean /twitterwhoring.

cr; kbsworld