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So…can you? This one should be fairly easy.

It took me a while to realise that everyone is holding a pistol except one. Seobaby. Instead, in her teaser photo she is posing holding an bow. This raised many questions from soshi fans, asking why seohyun was chosen to be the exception whilst other girls could’ve fitted into the role, such as Yoona (cute-wise).

What actually happened was that many of them did take photos holding the bow, but their company “made a conclusion that Seohyun fits to it better”. The purpose of allowing this difference was reported to “extend the meaning of the song”, “with the intention of captivating hearts with cupid’s arrows”. The stark contrast in roles between Seohyun and the rest of the Girls is bringing curiosity into the Hoot MV. Just a few more days to go till we find out …

Credits: soCOOL @ Soshified; Kim Hyungwoo Reporter from Newsen.com