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To Yuri anyways! aha. ha.. D:

Anyways, you probably know that Daum paid good money recently to make Soshi wallpapers and screensavers for the world to stare at for hours on end. Similar to its rival, search portal Naver also featured some SNSD love last week, but in the form of advertisements of other companies. Yoong completely took over both the top and side banners with Domino’s and INNISFREE advertisements!

Speaking of advertisements, it is well known that our Deer Yoona has a good number of endorsements under her belt with companies such as Clean & Clear, YeJiMin, and S-Oil. The company that you would often associate with Yoona however, is probably INNISFREE.  It seems the company just can’t get enough of the girl, but what were their reasons for selecting her in the first place?

This is the story of Yoona’s selection, progress, and results as the face of Innisfree, thanks to silis for translations:

1. The backgrounds for selecting Yoona as the model

Yoona who is active in various fields as singer, actress and so on has the fresh, clear, clean and pure image, and her image on TV shows and in her daily lives is natural and not made up. Therefore we concluded that she will go well with our nature brand Innisfree.
Of special note is the fact that she has enjoyed using her Innisfree products in her actual daily lives, and in broadcasts(in variety shows like Family Outing) she was seen using Innisfree products. These things show how she is loyal to the brand, and she is a walking ambassador of the brand. As such it has been concluded that she is appropriate as the Innisfree model resulting in our selection.

2. Some interesting episodes during the selection process

Innisfree never used a singer as our model before, so there were some worries when the talk of the model was started.
But the point that she also was an actress for dramas, and that she was beauty model for magazines since young were considered and the modeling contract was proceeded, and the result is quite a success!
Also there were many Japanese tourists visiting Myungdong(shopping district in Seoul) and many brand shops employed hallyu stars as models but Yoona for Innisfree was not as known to Japanese visitors. So there have been some thoughts about hiring additional Japanese models.But having been notified of SNSD’s Japan advancement we waited for SNSD’s name recognition to rise in Japan. And as SNSD started to become active in Japan recently, the Japanese visitors to Innisfree shops have been increasing more.

3. Change in brand performance after Yoona became the model

Overall the brand revenue increased by 20% compared to the same period last year, and the Innisfree Volcanic Pore Mask
recently unveiled has sold an incredible 100,000 units in one month.

cr:미니팊@dc + silis7noy2@soompi

As an entertainer, Yoona certainly brings to the table what many companies desire – a fresh image, company ‘fanservice’ in shows, and overseas appeal. There’s certainly more endorsements that will come her way~

Here are other images of the Yoong Naver take over:

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