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In a bit of a rush here but just have enough time to make a quick post.. contents exactly as titled!

You can forgive me and just stare at this Fany picture for a while…


Fan accounts in the Odina Magazine from Ariake Stadium, translations thanks to ramunemarble + bekkychan@twitter!

First Fan Account:

I recommend Sooyoung!
(35 years old/ Male/ Photographer/ soshi history: 3 years)
I watched their second performance at Ariake but honestly the seats weren’t really good. I was seated diagonally behind the stage. I could only see their backs. Normally you wouldn’t give out these seats. That is my complaint…But I’m already happy witnessing their first Japanese stage. Even though I could only see their backs, their feelings on debuting in Japan were plenty conveyed to me. Above all else you could feel Sooyoung’s sparkling brilliance. Usually Sooyoung doesn’t stand out much vocal wise and dancing wise. She’s known for being in charge of making people laugh and long legs. This girl uses her previously learned Japanese to her advantage during events. I felt like I was being pulled in by the japanese activities. When I think of the hardships she has endured up to now, I feel like I could cry. Of course the other members also have their charms… It was a short time, but a very memorable performance.
Even so kpop girlgroups are rising remarkably. I often think of the K-POP groups from the point of view of my youthful days as a boy. The elite group that often gathers like the school representatives is , the school idols that are easy to talk to are and the girls that skip school but are intriguing because they also have a sweet side are <4 minute>, that’s the idea I have in my head.
I hope the Kpop academy will steadily grow. My anticipation won’t stop.

Second Fan Account:

Lots of cuteness, overwhelmed by emotion
(28 years old, female, Writer, Soshi history: 6 months)

“Someday, I want to see SNSD perform live in Japan.” August 25, that wish finally came true. I carefully studied the timing of the interludes of their songs, I watched my favorite Genie PV and television performances to the bone, and memorized the dances until the appointed day arrived. Forgetting that I am nearing my thirties, my body and soul filled up with spirit. But when the opening’s video introduction was going I was excitedly waving my penlight around, however, the moment the 9 girls materialized on the stage doing the Genie intro, I froze. Because they were just too cute! The girls on the stage were a combination of both honest cuteness and burikko that no one else has! [TL note: burikko is similar to aegyo in that it is consciously acting cute] I shocked myself as I found tears unconsciously flowing… I haven’t been moved by cuteness to tears since I saw “Gake no Ue no Ponyo” [TL note: an animated Miyazaki film].

Though all the movements of the formations were already input into my brain, I was stunned and didn’t know who to watch. (I love all 9 so it wasn’t a big problem). In the end, I particularly watched my especially favorite Yuri; her facial expressions and burikko poses are really cute, and her dancing is really amazing. The one I was most surprised by though was Seohyun. That girl is really THAT beautiful?! No no, from the beginning she was always beautiful, after all, she has that beautiful shine about her. Yoona’s loveliness I cannot fully express with words. Her face was small and slender (her neck was long!) and her dancing was powerful. Though it felt like the Gods were being dwarfed, Yoona was the one who waved towards the fans the most. That’s when I realized “Ah, I should wave my hands too!” and I felt my attraction grow. It wasn’t just Yoona though, soon everyone, was like one perfect large figure. If someone saw it they wouldn’t believe they were in the same world.

As I was filled up with emotion, suddenly in the blink of an eye the showcase was over. Next time, I want to observe the Soshi performance in a calmer manner. This time though, I’ll wave my penlight with everyone else!


Images: SPAO, girlsshidae.blogpsot.com for re-up