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None of these relate to each other… oh well.
1. A baby loves Seohyun
2. Tiffany loves to be the man
3. Japan loves Soshi from Singapore
4. Minyoung loves Jessica

aish.. I need better titles for my posts.

little sone~

A fantaken picture of Seobaby has surfaced, showing our maknae shaking hands with a small child. From the image, it’s clear that the dad is silently dying of jealousy as his pastel rose pink shirt screams ‘I’m a SONE‘. The baby might not have known who Seohyun was, but it could be a possibility since our girls do break down all types of barriers! (please babeh babeh babeh~) Either way, happy childhood is happy.

Oh, and remember the CF for Post granola cereal from a while back?

This is a bts picture of the SooTaeNy clip, showing a cute moment where SooTae shows their (shared?) hubby some love! Oh Tiffany, how could you just ignore them like that?

because Tiffany's mind is on her real wife.. Jessica!

It was reported a while back that SNSD were going to perform on Music Station in Japan on the 22nd, but it is now rumored (not official!) that they will be appearing on the show from a stage in Singapore. This would make sense because the girls will be appearing at the KPOP night concert on the 23rd in Singapore, so it would be really hectic for them to fly out there the night before if they have a schedule. It is also unknown as to whether or not the performance will be open for public viewing in Singapore, but again, this is nothing official.

And finally, Park Minyoung (not miyoung!), a South Korean actress and model, recently released a picture of a (melted) Ice Princess on twitter; the image shows Jessica with some sweets from Japan:

The actress tweeted (translated):

My dear dongseng, Jessica. She bought me lots of cookies from Japan. Its hard not to dote on her ah!

All I can say is.. lolol it’s hard not to dote on Jessica indeed… <33

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