and her name was Kim Taeyeon. As a kid, like many girls, she had the aspirations to become something big – in this case, a singer. With her ambition, hard work, and talents, her dreams came true a decade later and she would debut in the South Korean girl group Girls Generation. As a singer, she would be given many nicknames, the common ones being: ahjumma, little kid leader, byuntae, and taengoo. The first 3 names are self explanatory… but how did she get the name Taengoo?

Byuntae. nuff said.

Soon after SNSD’s debut in August of 07 with Into the New World (and causing much havoc amongst the kpop industry as a 9-member girl group), a user posted this on the DC SNSD boards:

Hey let’s call Taeyeon Taengoo now. Isn’t Taengoo cute? Darn cute Taengoo


pic posted with the message


The name Taengoo does not mean anything, and was just a term made by the user. As explained by silis, “the name Taengoo sounds like it’s describing someone dorky, clumsy and mischievous, not really fitting for a female idol”. The user on DC kept trying to popularize the term, but it just didn’t happen.

One day, Taengoo herself logged into the DC Boards and saw the message, to which she posted:

.. so you call me Taengoo here kekeke.. Taengoo Taengoo… feels so agreeable when I say it haha keke thanks for the cute nickname keke

And that of course, instilled her name as being Taengoo in the minds of many fans.

The End.

source; silis7noy2@soompi, tagged.