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As you probably know, the girls are doing quite well in Japan after debuting with their first Japanese single Genie. Despite the lack of performances and variety show appearances, they’ve already sold 75 thousand copies in the first3 weeks and still holding their own in the top 10 on Oricon (popping in and out of the list depending on the day).

With Gee being released in 2 weeks, the girls are finally set to appear on some shows! Their appearance on these shows will surely solidify their success in Japan, as they will get to reveal more of their loveable selves for the public to spazz over. Although.. that may ruin the sexy & mature image they currently have there. XD The shows are as follows:

Music Station [October 22nd] – A popular long running Japanese music chart program, previous guests on the show include SM Family DBSK and Lady Gaga! The girls are set to do a performance on the show. New artists will usually do a shortened performance, but hopefully we’ll see a full song.

Music Japan [October 24th] – A music show running on NHK featuring new artists.

Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ [October 25th] – A very popular variety show with comical hosts Hitoshi Matsumoto & Masatoshi Hamada, often praised as the best comedy duo in Japan. The show’s format is similar to Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate with a few performances as well as a chat session, but includes some games and is done on a more humorous note than chocolate. It was reported that the girls were recording on the show yesterday with Nishino Kana, Tsuruno Takeshi and Spitz (OMGOMGOMG HONEY AND CLOVER).

The girls certainly have a busy month ahead of them not only in Japan and Korea, but schedules in Singapore and Taiwan are also on the list within the same week. Please stay healthy and hit Japan hard~

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