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..like you Jung Yonghwa ❤ Shh I’m not trying to homewreck Sweet Potatoes but this recent gesture by the husband has got us and his wife going craaazyyy.

SPOILERS ALERT. Don’t read if you don’t like new episodes of WGM getting ruined for ya.
Updated with subbed videos!

On the latest WGM episode, Junghwa did the unexpected. He bought his wife a sweet potatoes field. NBD because we all go around giving away farm land.

The couple headed out on a trip to celebrate each other’s birthday and Junghwa took Seobaby to a farm. Although the entire field wasn’t for hers (imagine how much she’d plant..), a good little section was presented to his lady. He even wrote her a letter! All these actions ended up moving Seobaby and truly impressing her.

Seohyun went on to say “There were many people that gave me a sweet potato as a gift. But the very first person that gave me a sweet potato field to raise them is Jung Yonghwa. I heard people saying to me to marry with an owner of a sweet potato field.”

🙂 Will you guys do more than just brush hands now? Sorry that I’m such a big shipper of these two 😐

In courtesy of our commentor,abcdef1302,here are the subbed videos!

source: soCOOL@soshified.com

Credits to: Park Junghyun Reporter (pch46@newsen.com), newsen.com, TheCouplet@Youtube
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