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I am! justkidding

On the 17th of August, Japan BigLobe Music released the results of a four-day poll. 33,090 people voted for the most popular Kpop group in Japan and coming up in first was SNSD with 61.1% (20,212) of the votes. In second with 29% (9598 votes) were the Wonder Girls, followed by Super Junior with 5.2% (1717 votes), SHINee with 2.9% (944) and BEAST with 1.3% (417 votes).

According to Biglobe Music, “So Nyeo Shi Dae has earned the popularity amongst the young females in their 10s~20s. They get good reviews for their song, dance and fashion style. Already, many fans have gotten to know about So Nyeo Shi Dae through internet or from broadcasts shows. Because their style are liked, they also received the admiration from fellow young females. They are also liked for their features on various broadcast variety shows.”

With their DVD rising up on the Oricon charts and their fanbase continually growing, SNSD will definitely be successful in Japan. Only a week left for their Japan showcase!

But, Japan promos doesn’t mean Korea is ever gonna be withered of soshi fervor! According to the latest Sisa Journal survey:

2010 Most influential entertainers in Korea

1. Rain 19.2%
2. Yoo JaeSuk 16.3%
3. Kang HoDong 16%
4. Bae YongJoon 10%
5. Kim JeDong 8%
6. SNSD 7.1%
7. Lee Hyori 6.8%
8. Jang DongGun 6.5%
9. Park JinYoung 4.6%
10. An SungGi 4.3%

This is really impressive, considering that the survey takes in all entertainers, not just idol groups, etc. Plus, this is not an internet popularity poll. Instead it’s one of the most respected professional surveys in Korea (not saying all internet polls aren’t legit) . Major newsmagazine Sisa Journal had conducted this survey for about twenty years now. They survey 1000 professionals from fields of academics, arts & culture, politicians, journalists, religious leaders, business executives and so on. Out of all kpop idol groups, only HOT (1999 & 2000) and GOD(2002) have previously made the list.

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