Update : Translated message

Following the other members,Hyoyeon has also recorded an UFO Star Call.

Translation in courtesy of silis7noy2.

Everyone what are you interested in these days?
I am totally into bike riding these days
With bicycles you can go on a fun trip with your friends
And you can feel the cool breeze blowing
And what else is there
Ah! You can exercise with it
You can lose weight, diet~
There are so many good things about it
Everyone let’s all go bike riding together with me~
Go go!

Aww,I would love to go bike riding with her anytime,unfortunately i can’t. 😦

Next up,Samsung China has released a number of promotional pictures of our girls. Check them out as followed.

As each day goes by,the closer it is to our girls’ debut in Japan. Aren’t you getting more and more excited?
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Credits : Taeng021@Youtube,renren,circe
Sources : Tetsuya@SONEms & Soompi.