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Herr0: updated with some more Domino’s pictures

According to Silis,

Seohyun missed the fanmeet to film WGM at Youngheung island, a special episode with all the couples reportedly, a big shooting with dozens of cameras and a helicopter. Rumor says this special might be aired next next week but there is some trouble brewing at MBC right now;; (similar to strike situation earlier this year..

That Yoona Innisfree ad is about their Eco Handkerchief campaign, advising people to use this handkerchief instead of napkins and tissues to save resources and protect environment. Innisfree will distribute these Eco handkerchiefs also at the SMtown concert in Seoul. The ad mentions Yoona singing the Eco Song

Yoona: “Originally the members shared parts singing this song but for the first time I’m singing the whole song by myself so it is a burden. But the song came out great for my voice color, and I feel great that I can deliver a message about the environment through a song that I sang myself”

So it seems they used Echo as Innisfree campaign song and Yoona sang it

Earlier on this evening at 6PM KST,our girls(excluding Seobaby) attended a fan meeting event organised by Dominos.
Some photos has been released through its official Twitter.

And here’s a fancam of the girls making their way into the venue.

Next up,an Despicable Me wallpaper consisting of Taengoo & Seohyun has been released ahead of the movie debut in South Korea.

Lastly,Innisfree has released a number of new photos of Yoona,check them out as followed.

I’m sure all of us are pretty much Soshi-deprived nowadays,well hopefully these pictures can ease you guys up for a bit.

Credit : kimkyochon@Youtube, Silis
Source : Soompi