On August 5, 2007 SM entertainment created a legend. This legend became known all over the world as Girls’ Generation. For three years, the nine girls became a sensation, spawning a fan group called SNE.

The amazing, indispensable, bestfanclubintheworld Sones celebrated SNSD’s third anniversary in a very memorable way:

First stop: Korea! K-Sones rented an electronic billboard on the Gwanghwamun Building and Non Hyun Dong Metro Building with a heartwarming message. “Surpassing Korea and advancing into the world market, congratulations to SNSD on their 3rd year debut anniversary. SNSD 2010 Japanese Debut, Sones will support SNSD always” read the text. Kudos to the fans who contributed in this huge advertisement.

Second stop: Vietnam! V-Sones put out an ad on a Vietnamese paper with a message reading:

For 3 years, we have made many unforgettable memories.
During this wonderful time full of happiness and tear, there are only us who always believe in each other.
Our hearts are together. Our dreams are the same.
Thanks fate for bringing the girls together.
Thanks destiny for let us found them in this world.
With all our hearts, we greatly appreciate everything you bring to us.
Our own fairy tale. NOW, LATER AND FOREVER

Thanh Nien newspaper

Third stop: America! (does snsdkorean count as having its headquarters in the US of A?) Anyway, thanks to our very very dedicated Snsdkorean staff for putting together an anniversary special week! You can read all the posts, watch the videos, shed some tears on the front page of the site if you haven’t done so already.

Fourth stop: I’m not really sure what to label this. Soshified recently did an anniversary project aptly called “Forever9” with collaborative efforts from Sones all over the world. Check it out here:

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