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Updated with translated farewell messages & a Music Core staff account!

As reported earlier on,both Tiffany & Yuri are set to leave their MC roles on MBC Music Core after today’s episode. It seems like only yesterday when they took up the job but it has been 1 year and 4 month already,ever since April 2009.

Without any further ado,check out the last few moments of the couple’s MCing as well as their special performance(with the other girls’ surprise appearance)!

MC Cuts:

MC Special – 4Men’s Baby Baby & Farewell Messages:

In courtesy of silis7noy2 for the translation,here’s what the girls said.

Starting from 2:20 of the above video.

Sooyoung : Yes everyone today in fact is the last day for Yuri-ssi and Tiffany-ssi as the Music Core MCs. Yuri-ssi and Tiffany-ssi let’s wipe the tears and say a word.

Tiffany : Yes I can’t believe today is the last day. My partner and our members and people at MBC, and every one of you who loved Music Core I thank you so very much. I will continue to do my best.

Yuri : Yes just like the lyrics of the song we sang for you today, our days were so happy because of Music Core. We will be saying farewell here today but we SNSD and Music Core will be back with an even better show please look forward to it. Thank you.

Taeyeon : You two don’t be too sad. Encounters are followed by partings and partings by new encounters, isn’t it?

Tiffany : We will be back for sure.

Taeyeon : Yes you have really done well woori two members.

Yoona : We SNSD will always be watching Music Core and continue our support.

Yuri : Yes then let’s now all give a bright last farewell.

Tiffany : Yes great! The core of Korea music.

Yuri : Show Music Core!

YulTi : Look forward to next week show show show!

Everyone : Bye Thank you!

Both of them did great up to now and i’m sure finding replacements as good as them would be real tough.
Let us all wish the girls best of luck for their debut over at Japan which is just around the corner.

Apparantly a staff from Music Core has posted what goes around behind the scene. Kudos to Hyunjin808@soshified for the translation!

I’ll assume that you’ve already watched the last broadcast of Music Core a few hours ago;;

Last year, on a very cold day, I first became a staff during the Mucore Jeju Island special and met Tiffany and Yuri

To be honest, since I’m a woman, I normally didn’t have a special “wow, they’re great” response towards Soshi.

And a few months later, it has completely changed…

Even once in the spring, SM Entertainment had the intent on having them (Tiffany and Yuri) quit but the Music Core PD dissuaded them.

Even the staff refused to let you go and we would’ve been so disappointed in seeing you leave that we even joked and asked where are you going, just leaving us here? But you’ve stuck with us until now.

Today, Tiffany and Yuri did a job well done, handwriting letters to all the staff members with each individual’s name, even the less important members who just started working recently.

Although it wasn’t long, they wrote me this message: ______ unnie, when we first saw you at Jeju Island, you looked really scary but now we’ve gotten really close, right?.

She must’ve been busy but Tiffany gave it (the letter) to me herself and left.

Personally, I’m so incredibly touched by how she remembered when I began working…

And today’s final appearance…

It wasn’t planned for all of SNSD to appear today but the manager called in the morning to arrange this.

He said that since it’s their (Tiffany and Yuri) last broadcast, they (SNSD) wants to be with them.

SNSD, seeing you all together sure was pretty.

After the broadcast, they all thanked the staff for taking care of Tiffany and Yuri before leaving.

Although idol fans think they (idols) are pretty and charming, they probably wouldn’t know.

What the idols are like, behind the scenes. They are kids that are more than just kind, they’re innocent. So please give them a lot of encouragement…

All of Mucore’s staff is cheering on SNSD and their Japanese activities!

Source : Soompi
Credits : RecentComments & TheSoneSource11@Youtube,silis7noy2
Article : zheming@snsdkorean