They say that a picture tells a thousand words. The only problem is that not even 10,000 words can tell you what this seemingly happy child has had to go through and how she is still standing as strong as ever today.

It is easy to see how hard it is on Tiffany when she talks about her mum. Having been away from her family for so long must make it hurt tens times as much. I’m sure “Dear Mom” meant so much to her personally as a song than any other member. It is hard to believe that such a happy go lucky person can be so strong when burdened with such a heavy weight, even her sisters feel the weight she has on her shoulders and can’t bear to see her cry.

because this isn’t something that someone can just “harden up” and not cry about, to stand up and talk about it takes real courage.

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.” – Mark Twaine.

Going live on air and talking about it was bravery, Allowing them to air it on national TV was bravery, pushing forward and looking on the better side of things that this loss has given her, I’m sure that before having the courage to talk about it, it was a demon that she feared, and she had the courage to face it.

A lot of people tend to ignore it from their heads. “Keep Tiffany’s image as a happy person with the beautiful eye-smile” But taking into account that this girl has gone through so much and can still smile the same way she used to makes her smile shine so much brighter. Accepting the hardship and moving on while being happy is the greatest thing to see in your idol, and all Fany fans can proudly say that though she hasn’t had it easy, she handled it and came out of it as strong as ever.

Known to be able to be read like a white piece of paper, Tiffany constantly shows her true emotions everywhere she goes. Easy to tell if she is happy, sad or angry her easy going and easy to spot compatibility works with all her sisters. Want proof? Taeny, Jeti, Soofany, Yulti….done 😛

She understands that her sisters like to joke around a lot and even when getting bullied, it doesn’t get to her, she still loves them just like a family and can’t bear to be away from them.

Even a variety show joke changed into a heartfelt emotional message for her. This is how much she cherishes the things she has now, and looks back on her past as a series of events that has lead to her having a good life so far.

She puts a lot of faith in her religion, and even though there are so many different faiths to follow, Christianity has given Tiffany faith, power and hope, a religion that has truly helped Tiffany grow as a person and live her life as happy as she can. So powerful is her faith is that she constantly quotes the bible to instil happiness and hope in everyone. Coming from a non-Christian, I hope she stays Christian forever because she has turned this religion into a positive outlet of her life, which should be the goal for everyone.

Tiffany brings happiness and love to her sisters and they cannot get enough of her, not even her first roommate and leader Taeyeon.

Knowing that my favourite Soshi has gone through so much gives me so much more admiration when she smiles, and my heart wells with happiness when she is enjoying her life, cause beyond the fame, money, work, criticisms and rumours, being happy is all that counts. Her birthday will be filled with the love of 8 sisters and all her fans.

credits: snsdsnsdsnsd. toebeast. smexynoodles, LeeCindii