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The team have been rather slow on updates due to our busy lives,so pardon us for that.
But anyway i’m here to make it up for you guys! Pull yourselves through as you read through this long post.

First and foremost,92 retards netizens were caught uploading nude photos of our girls. Before you lose control,grab hold of yourselves,as these photos AREN’T REAL. They were photoshopped in such a way that the girls’ faces are superimposed onto other naked women. Good riddance,and guess what? 72 of them are actually underaged and they already have such dirty minds. By the order of law,they should have been sent to jail.

Fortunately(for them),our girls are kind and generous enough to think for their future and submit a petition of mercy on them,letting them go with just some small punishments. I mean seriously,where else can you find such kind souls to actually atone for your wrongdoings?

This is not the first,as earlier in May this year,SM Entertainment had reported a similar case.

Secondly,Yuri had made an appearance on Invincible Youth as a special surprise guest yesterday,apparantly they were selling their crops at a event and the profits earned would be donated to the less fortunate people. Here are some fancams & photos for you guys to spazz about.

Fancams :

Yuri’s appearance

Yuri dances to ‘Tell Me Your Wish

Photos(Click to view in full size):

All these are just a slight glimpse,let’s anticipate this particular episode which is set to be aired soon.

Thirdly,we have the adorkable Taengoo‘s facial expressions,of which are totally priceless.

Next’s up,a new wallpaper released by Goobne for August,a especially sweet treat for Sooyoung lovers!

Last but not least,do you enjoy playing Sudoku? If yes,then this should be awesome for you! Else i’m pretty much sure that you would be attracted to it once you try it. Credits to the original creator!

Oh by the way,don’t you guys forget that in another 2 days time,it would be my Tiffany‘s 22th (Korean Age) birthday! So be sure to stay tuned to this site as the team is preparing some really great stuffs!

Now it’s time for me to head to bed!

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Credits : HappiWindy02@Youtube
Article : zheming@snsdkorean